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Dear Florida Highway Patrol,

I was having a bad day. That's what I said to the officer getting out of the car with the flashing lights a few weeks ago.

I was catching my breath and slowing my heart rate after losing control of my car. A retread had been thrown, partially removing my bumper in the process. I had pulled off I75 onto the shoulder, and moved the vehicle once already. I was scared of the speeding traffic seemingly inches from me.

My old trauma nurse/flight nurse memories flooded back - of people vs 70 mph cars.

I was also thinking of the rat ex-boyfriend who had put retreads on my car - a decision I would never have allowed. Thinking back, I remembered he did that before he took the two secret life insurance policies on me, and before the poisoning also. Felony charges had been filed, but I had just heard that the assistant SA dropped them after not being able to contact me. I asked how he tried to contact me. He recited the address of the defendant! As I waited to get new brakes just that morning, I commented to a friend that the SA school obviously doesn't teach the difference between defendant and victims' addresses! I commented using the official medical term for low IQ.

I had been placed in the state's Address Confidentiality Program for my safety and am currently working with 3 state representatives to change the statutes (FS 817.234 and 741.401-409) so that ACP participants could have valid auto insurance. Since we all "misrepresent the garaged address," because all participants use the AG's address in Tallahassee, our vehicle insurance is technically invalid.

I had lost faith in this justice system! Now this! I could have been killed.

I was standing on I75 in Northport wondering if I was more likely to become roadkill by staying in the car or off to the side of it. I had contacted a tow truck already. It would likely be a long, scary wait. Then the angel showed up.

Trooper Jennifer Drake and her flashing lights positioned behind my car providing an instant decrease in danger. Then Trooper Drake asked this escalated bundle of nerves what was going on and listened to me rant about all my fears. I guess she thought she wanted to minimize her time with me so SHE CHANGED MY TIRE! That was hugely above and beyond her duties!

I can't thank Trooper Drake enough for the safety, the ear, the compassion, and the muscle she provided. Mostly she provided me with renewed faith in our system.

Thank you VERY much, Trooper Drake. You're my hero!

BethAnne Algie


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