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To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted to write a few lines to commend an exceptional member of your team, who recently assisted me on I-95.

Last Sunday, November 22nd, as I was traveling south bound on I-95, not far south from the Daytona area, my vehicle suffered a tire blow out which caused it to spin out of the road. Thankfully, the only damage was to my vehicle's tire. I was assisted by an off duty trooper from the Georgia area who also instructed me to call 911. While waiting for AAA to respond, two hitchikers approached me and asked me if I was ok. They then stated they would wait for my tire to be fixed so I could give them a ride to the next exit. I told them I was a police officer and they did not have to wait for I would not be giving them a ride. I did not feel comfortable having them in my car as I was alone and unarmed. The two of them decided to wait anyway by my vehicle as I waited inside my vehicle.

Trooper Chapman arrived at the scene shortly after. Trooper Chapman checked with me to make sure I was ok. I did not mention to her I was a police officer as I did not see the need. Trooper Chapman was extremely corteous and stated she would stay with me until my vehicle was fixed. She then instructed me to wait in my vehicle as it would be the safest place for me to be. She then inquired as to the man and woman waiting by my car. I told her I did not know who they were and that they were waiting for a ride. Trooper Chapman then approached the two individuals and requested their identification. I maintaned visual contact with Trooper Chapman in case she needed assistance with the two subjects. After running their names, she asked them to move away from the road and near her vehicle. The subjects complied. Trooper Chapman went back inside her vehicle. Approximately thirty minutes later, she exited her vehicle and took a sandwich and a gatorade from the trunk of her car. It was obvious it was her lunch as it was about noon. Trooper Chapman then approached the subjects and gave them the sandwich and gatorade. She kept nothing for herself even though it was a hot day.

Shortly after, AAA arrived and fixed my tire. As I was ready to leave, I thanked Trooper Chapman for her assistance. Trooper Chapman then left, taking with her the two subjects to take them were they needed to go.

I have to tell you that I was really touched by Trooper Chapman's actions. It was obvious to me she really cared about people, regardless of who they were. Trooper Chapman went beyond any kind of duty not only to help me, but to help these two hitchikers to whom I had not given a second thought. Trooper Chapman is able to be compasionate towards people without compromising her comanding presence and authority. I find the two of them to be mutually exclusive in most law enforcement officers I have known.

Trooper Chapman is in fact an asset to your department and should be commended for her actions and true demonstration of the spirit of service that we, as law enforcement officers, should always abide by.


Angela Maria Rozo


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