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Captain jacqueline Freeman and Lt. Kristina Quenneville
Trooper C. J. Mosesman
Trooper Timothy Hendrix
Trooper Yanier Gener
Trooper Raphael Lola and Auxiliary Trooper Charles Peabody
Trooper Mary Jackson
Sergeant Johnny Haire and Trooper Michael Simmons
Trooper Adam Johnson
Trooper B. W. McElderry
Trooper Sonja Chapman
Trooper Jason Barry


Trooper Alex Cummings
Trooper Michael Jarabek
Trooper Eric Oleson
Duty Officer Jessica Chavez
Trooper Eric Oleson
Trooper Eric Oleson
Trooper Reginald Carmichael and Trooper Alex Cummings
Sergeant Ray Sanchez
Trooper Scott Gardner
Trooper James Campbell
Trooper Charlie Fitts


Trooper Walter Smith
Lieutenant Chris Miller and Sergeant Larry Kraus
Lieutenant Michael Roden and Trooper Shaun Reid
Community Service Officer John Manna
Sergeant Heather Glenny
Trooper Albert Renard
Trooper Mark Horn


Trooper Shannon Levy
Sergeant Allen Sapp and Trooper Anthony Dobosiewicz
Corporal Gottfried Koblitz
Trooper Jason Duran
Trooper Eric Devaul
Trooper Eddie Pope
Corporal Robert Ruiz
Lieutenant Mark Brown and Trooper John Tallman


Trooper James Taylor
Trooper Frank Troffo
Trooper Wesley Harsey and Senior Clerk Vicki Paul
Trooper V. F. Fuentes
Sergeant Darren Williamson
Sergeant Scott Hull and Trooper Patrick Roberts


Trooper Kenneth Watson
Trooper William Dyer
Trooper M. E. Uzzell
Trooper D. L. Frye
Corporal Brian Gensler and Corporal Albert Pratts
Sergeant Dylan Bryan
Trooper Dawn Tomlinson
Trooper Dawn Tomlinson
Trooper Daniel Davis
Trooper Ronald Cox
Trooper M. S. Cross
Trooper R. H. Williams
Sergeant R. J. Sedlak


Trooper Deanna Martinez
Trooper John Kimo and Auxiliary Trooper James Kipple
Trooper Jason Tolman
Trooper Karen Woods
Trooper Shannon Scott
Sergeant Richard Ritter and Trooper David Ikeguchi


Community Service Officer Terrence Dawkins
Trooper Connie McNeil
Trooper Jacob Smith
Trooper Darryl Haywood
Trooper Bradford Wagner
Trooper James Kudla
Trooper Joe Joyce
Trooper Charles Davis
Trooper Loren Slick
Corporal Gary Dunick and Trooper Daniel Schlosser


Trooper R. S. Tipton
Trooper Danyen Komorek
Trooper Candice Wilson
Trooper Quintin Mills
Trooper Louis Rodriguez
Trooper David Sims
Sergeant Manual Rivera
Sergeant Richard Benton
Trooper Jennifer Drake
Trooper Chester Everett
Trooper Robert Ellis
Trooper Neil Mariotti
Sergeant Raymond Ada
Trooper Juan Sanchez
Trooper Bruce Ivey

Trooper Scott Gardner and Trooper Mike Gosier
Sergeant Richard Davis
Trooper Joshua McLeod
Senior Clerk Claudia Johnson
Trooper Santos Lopez
Corporal David Staley
Trooper William Gormley
Trooper Charles Mitchell
Trooper Karen Howard
Trooper Quentin Mills
Captain Michelle Carter
Trooper Brian Timmons
Trooper Javon Murphy
Trooper Andrew Close

Trooper Cleveland Johnson, Jr.
Trooper Paul Assaroupe
Trooper Yamil Acevedo-Rivera
Trooper Timothy Free
Trooper Stuart Campbell
Trooper James Swearingin and Trooper Tammy Tindle-Husar


Trooper Michael Jordan
Trooper Jennifer Drake
Sergeant Robert Blackwell
Trooper Deryck Lewis
Sergeant Robert Graf
Corporal Seth Dubinsky and Trooper Quentin Mills
Trooper Jose Nadal
Trooper Nick Morris
Trooper Kyle Wallace
Trooper Allen Jones


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