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Hi. My name is Bev J. Gregorio and I had an unfortunate occurrence on a road in Lakeland heading home for Zephyrhills, which has been where I've lived for all but two years of my life (I'm 49).

I'm not what I'd call an experienced driver as I only have 67,000 on my 1994 Beretta. BUT I am a safe driver and always have been. I was by myself on a road that I don't know and I was scared to pull over, although I knew my car was "injured" and I had to DO something. As I was making my way toward the right lane to pull into an abandoned gas station (I think that's what it was, it was almost 2am by this time; way past my bedtime), I saw the flashing lights behind me and my first thought was "thank goodness, a police officer". Because I am a woman alone, on a dark road and yes, I have a phone, but a phone won't help me if someone tried to harm em.

A Trooper named J. H. Tillett was the officer who questioned me. I, being a woman who doesn't know anymore about a car than putting gas in, checking the oil and also the water, had NO idea what the screeching noise was under my car. I only knew SOMETHING was wrong so I was making an attempt to stop. But not in the middle of the road.

I write this as a small token of my appreciation to this officer for his sensitivity of my situation and how awful the whole thing was for me. I was, let's say, a little out of my comfort zone...to say the least. He assisted me with a toeing service and a taxi to return home. Today, at least ten people said I SHOULD have called and they would've picked me up. I knew they'd say that but I felt bad because it was so late and a work night for them. Also, by this time I just wanted to get home. Trooper Tillett was calm and efficient as well as kind. In this day and age, this would be considered the "unusual".

I've thought about Wednesday night (well, actually Thursday morning) a lot today. It ended up costing me over four-hundred dollars for my car repairs but hey, that's life. No one was hurt and that, to me, is what counts. But foremost in my mind has been that I was thankful an officer was there. AND one that helped me and did not treat ME as the criminal. I really felt like a victim, although I know wasn't. My appreciate to Trooper Tillett.


Bev J. Gregorio


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