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Just wanted to take the time to think the thank the Florida highyway patrol and lieutenant Robin Thomas, Leesburg District Commander, for helping us resolve a problem we had with the Miami-Dade expressway authority. Since October 2007 we have been receiving traffic citations for failure to pay tolls. Over this period we have received seven different citations each one with a photo of a license plate, though similar, is not ours. We live in Leesburg and have not been to Miami during these times.

Although we spent endless time calling long distant, spending time on hold and sending email we still continued to receive the citations. Also each time we contacted the authority we were told they had made a mistake and the problem would be corrected. The citation states that failure to comply will result in our driving privileges being suspended and we will not be able reregister our car. This kept us very uneasy since we still continued to receive citations after being told everything was corrected.

At this time not knowing what else to do we went to the highway patrol station in Fruitland Park to see if they could help. There Lt. Thomas agreed to see us although this was an area they normally don't become involved. After hearing our story he got on the phone and was able to get to the right person that could and would straighten the situation out. He also told them to send us a letter stating that the mistake was corrected and we would not have anything negative on our driving records. This they agreed to do. If this should not happen he said to let him know.

We sincerely appreciate Lt. Thomas taking the time out of his schedule to help a couple senior citizens. His friendly attitude and devotion to his job makes him a valuable asset to the Florida Highway Patrol. As it would to any organization

John & Pat McCoy
Leesburg, Fl.


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