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The reason for this letter is to compliment the service of Trooper Teslo/ID. NO. 2380. On December 07, 2008, I was stopped/pullover by Trooper Teslo while I was driving my wife's car Eastbound of Appalachee Parkway. My wife and children were inside the vehicle with me. Trooper Teslo informed me that the tag in my vehicle was expired. During the process Trooper Teslo was very polite and professional with us. I looked at y wife who was sitting in the passenger seat and I asked her if she had forgot to renew her tag. My wife look at me confused because we own three vehicles and she thought that she had renewed her vehicle’s tag too. Trooper Teslo asked me in a very polite way to handle my driver license to him. Therefore, he went to his patrol vehicle in order to screen my record through his computer; after one minute, he approached our car and he handled to me a warning and advised me in a very polite way to update my wife' tag. My family and I were very please with the way in which Trooper Teslo handle the entire stop process. Therefore we want to congratulate him for a job well done and for making the experience so smooth to each of us.

Kudos for Trooper Teslo/ I.D. No. 2380 and for the Florida Highway Patrol for hiring such a magnificent Trooper!

Way to go FHP!

Ortizs' family


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