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I'm not sure I have the right e-address; if not please forward. On Sunday, Jan 27, 2008, I pulled into the State Welcome Station , heading south on I-75. As soon as I stopped, I saw an immediate problem; a grapefruit size blister on the side of one of my camping trailer tires. It was very hot and looked ready to blow-out. I called AAA, they said I didn't have RV insurance and wouldn't send anyone. The sun was setting, I had to do something. I had a spare tire and a lug-wrench...but no jack. I was wandering around the parking area trying to find someone to loan me a jack. No luck! Then I spotted a FHP car, went over and explained my predicament. Without hesitation, Trooper Jason (I think that was his first name) Parker of Madison Troop got out of his car and searching through his trunk produced a folding hydraulic jack. Then, in full uniform, without hesitation he crawled under my trailer to position the jack under the axel. Within ten minutes , with the help of Trooper Parker we were ready to roll. We owe a debt of gratitude to this officer for going well-beyond the scope of his duties to extend this kindness to helpless travelers. My wife and I just returned from Florida, and as always enjoyed sun; the happy ending to what could have been a really bad day set the tone for our whole trip. Please see that Trooper gets this message. Thanks. J.E. Cashwell, Midlothian, VA


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