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I am writing this e-mail to express my sincere gratitude, appreciation and respect for the Florida Highway Patrol and in particular, Sergeant CJ Miller. I was traveling northbound on I-75 just North of Ocala (100 miles from home) yesterday when the transmission on my car suddenly failed without warning. I got my car off to the shoulder and was a little panicked trying to assess if I could ride the shoulder up to the next exit but decided to stop by a mile marker call box. I immediately dialed my road side assistance to get a tow asap as I was feeling vulnerable being on the interstate (despite daylight and a beautiful day) because I was alone, female and more concerning, 6 ˝ months pregnant. Before I could call *FHP on my cell phone, I looked up in my rear view mirror and saw blue lights and a FHP car pulling up behind me. It was Sergeant CJ Miller and I told him I was never so happy to see blue lights in my rear view mirror in all of my life! He stayed with me to assist in my location to arrange the tow and brought me safely to the next exit to a truck stop/café where I could wait indoors for the tow truck.

I know how hard a police officer’s life is especially in today’s world and we often only hear the negative stories or the community bad mouthing officers for pulling them over, etc. so I wanted to truly thank Sergeant CJ Miller for his prompt action in seeing me in need of help (he was there within 1-2 minutes of me pulling off the road) and his patience in assisting me. He was truly my angel yesterday and I have shared my story with many to remind all of us how fortunate we are for having officers like Sergeant CJ Miller out on our roads!

Kind regards,

Doreen Inman


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