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I was recently stopped on the Florida Turnpike by Tpr. F. Maurancy, ID # 1280. I want to commend and thank him for his professional demeanor and courtesy. He listened as I explained the circumstances of why my speed briefly increased. (Two nearby drivers were operating unsafely and when reducing my speed did not provide separation i accelerated to move away from them.) Instead of summarily issuing a ticket the Tpr. listened then issued a warning which i can assure you made its point.

I consider myself a law abiding citizen in all capacities. I always carefully focus on not exceeding posted speed limits and was doing so at the time.

What i appreciate most is how i reflect on the episode in retrospect. The warning redirected me to focus on the importance of speed limits rather than on feeling that i was fleeced by the system in pursuit of revenues or other goals, particularly as I felt it was not justified. I think that this is good example of appropriate policing that can serve to increase compliance and awareness rather than build resentment towards the enforcement system.

Kudos to Tpr. Maurancy.
A Citizen


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