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I would like to take a few minutes to thank some FHP Troopers who assisted my family during a medical emergency last week. To start out I do not have their names but hope this does get to them.

On Friday December 19 my in laws were driving to Gainesville to attend my daughter’s graduation from the University of Florida. They stopped at the Canoe Creek Service Plaza at about 5pm for a break. While they were at the service plaza my father in law, Edward Verneuille became extremely sick and eventually was transported by ambulance to St. Cloud Memorial hospital.

I had just arrived in Gainesville when this happened and they called me hysterically crying saying they did not know what to do. While they were on the phone with me they said a Trooper was coming over to them, I told them talk to him he will get some help.

Both my mother in law and sister in law could not stop talking about how helpful the Troopers were and how they made them feel more comfortable and at ease. My father in law was vomiting and my family said the Troopers stayed with him, got bags and helped keep him comfortable while they waited for the ambulance.

Being in law enforcement myself I know sometimes the public takes what we do for granted and we only hear about the negative things some law enforcement officers do. But as we know 99.9% of the time law enforcement helps citizens and never expects to be thanked or praised for “just doing their job”.

I wish I had all of the Troopers names, but I do not. So if I can just thank all of FHP for what these four Troopers did, to help out when they were needed.

Thank you once again and stay safe always

Kevin Tyrie
Major Department of Law Enforcement Broward County Sheriff’s Office


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