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Major Brierton,

My name is Brian Howard and I am writing to regarding Trooper Dominic Jones Troop E in Miami.

I visit Florida from my home in Massachusetts quite a bit and have a little sports car that I often have shipped down during my stay. Due to my detest for the RMV in Boston, the long lines and the whole broken process I have been rather negligent in renewing the registration on my vehicle.

While exiting from 95 N onto Ives Dairy Road, Trooper Jones pulled in behind me and lit me up after a few moments. I pulled to a safe spot and Trooper Jones greeted me and informed me that my registration was long expired. He asked if I had any weapons in my vehicle and acted very professionally throughout. No attitude and no unnecessary lecturing. I have several friends who are Marines and I could tell right away that Trooper Jones was one squared away individual.

During the process the Trooper again asked me if I had any weapons. I again informed him, no, but I had very recently shot an amazing H & K with a friend of mine with the military Special Ops group down this way and that I was likely going to get one. But at this time, I did not own a gun nor did I have one in my vehicle. It was then that he confirmed my instincts and disclosed that he was an active duty Marine.

Trooper Jones is a good representation of what I would expect an FHP Trooper to be. Precise, a positive attitude and an honor to your ranks. Please thank him and all your Troops for their service here at home and especially abroad.

PPS: And can anyone do something to educate drivers down here that the far left lane is a passing/emergency vehicle lane and is not to be used as a travel lane unless it is during designated HOV hours? I honesty believe that would cut down on accidents and road rage in Southern Florida.

Best regards and thank again to all,

Brian Howard

Boston, MA and Miami, FL


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