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Dear Governor Charles Crist,

As vacationers in your beautiful state of Florida I want to share with you an incident that was experienced by me and my family and the security of assistance we received from your Florida Hwy. Patrol. On the evening of October 30th approximately 8pm we experienced a flat tire in alligator alley just about 100 yards past the toll booth going west to Ft. Myers Beach where we were staying this week. We spent the day in Miami experiencing your beautiful unique city. It was dark and we had about 2 hours drive ahead of us. While we were assessing the situation and trying to think of what would be our best decision whether to turn back and stay the night near Miami or continue on, Trooper Matthew Kirkland and Sgt. Bill Johnson pulled there vehicles with lights behind us and were gracious enough to help us change the tire to the spare and encouraged us to go 50 t0 55 mph until we reach our destination and that we should make it through without any problem and that is exactly what we did. We finally pulled into our destination safely at 11:50pm then collapsed. Trooper Matthew Kirkland and Sgt. Bill Johnson were so gracious and took control of our situation and this was something that created such safe and secure feelings for us. There were 5 adults in this vehicle and every one of us is very grateful and indebted to your very observant and dedicated men and women of your Florida Hwy. Patrol. During our conversation with these two men we saw their goodness, sincerity and dedication to their jobs. I know you can be proud of these men and I just want to reinforce what you must already do for these men and women to continue to support and encourage them as they have for us.


Scott Allison
Virginia Allison
Linda Jett
Reagan Johnson
Lisa Jett

All of which are from Hot Springs, Arkansas.


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