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To Whom it May Concern:

I searched the FHP website trying to determine the best way to express my thanks to FHP and Officer Hypes. I am not sure if you would be able to correspond with Officer Hypes' supervisor or not, but if so please pass along this email.

Today, my mother--in-law and I were traveling from Lakeland to TIA to pick up relatives (via I-4) and were surprised with a flat tire. Thankfully, I was able to merge the vehicle into the emergency lane (just before the I-4/I-275 junction) where it just so happened that this officer (Hypes) was handling a traffic violation. While we were scattering trying to find our AAA card, Officer Hypes approached us and asked if we were ok and upon telling him of our flat tire he told us he would call on one of the road rangers to come out and change our tire for us. In addition to calling for help, he also notified me of *FHP services, in the event that someone stopped (whom I was not comfortable with) and said that he would be on this route back and forth and if needed would respond quickly.

Not only was he helpful, but the response time of the road ranger (unfortunately I did not get his name) was so quick, and efficient. I am afraid we would still be waiting for AAA! (haha)

In all seriousness, I appreciate very much the service that you all provide for us here in Florida, not only with the protection and safety of our road ways, but the help that is given to stranded drivers.

Thank you very much!

Warm Regards,
Kelly Spezzano


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