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Dear Commander:

On September 26, my wife, Judy, and myself were driving from our home in Suwanee, Georgia to the Gator football game in Gainesville that weekend. We pulled into the Florida Welcome Center on I-75 around 7:30 pm. As we pulled in, we noted a Florida State Trooper assisting an elderly couple change a flat tire.

When my wife and I returned to our car to continue our trip, we found our car would not start due to a dead battery. I approached the trooper who was just finishing changing the tire and inquired if he had jumper cables. In a joking manner, he said he did but could not use them on a car with “Gator” signs. He then told us he was a SEMI and lived in the Tallahassee area. However, Trooper Gallon quickly pulled his patrol car over to our vehicle and attempted to jump-start our car to no avail. Apparently our battery was totally dead and my have also shorted. It was obvious we would need a new battery and finding one and getting it to the Welcome Center at this time of day would be very difficult.

Trooper Gallon, rather than advise us to call a towing service, got on the phone with the assistance of the on duty maintenance lady, Margie, and found an open auto parts place in Valdosta. With their assistance, we had a new battery delivered and installed and on our way by 9:30.

During this ordeal, Trooper Gallon remained pleasant and seemed to enjoy helping a stranded motorist. This experience left my wife and I with a very good feeling about the quality of the officers with the Florida Highway Patrol.

I hope you will express our appreciation to Trooper Gallon and recognize him for his service beyond what is normally expected.

I am a native of Florida and we are currently building a house in Lake County for our long awaited return to the great State of Florida. With this experience, we are even more looking forward to our return.


George B. Hemingway
Suwanee, Georgia 30024


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