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Dear Governor Crist,

I work for a local government and realize that in these tight budget times many difficult decisions must be made to cut cost at the expense of service levels. I want to thank you for maintaining State Trooper presence at the interstate rest areas at night. Last week a female coworker and I were returning to the Tampa Bay area in a city vehicle after attending an EPA workshop in the panhandle. Although the vehicle is relatively new and recently serviced, we had a tire blow out at about 9 PM on Interstate 10. As you can imagine, I was very apprehensive for our safety at this time of night while we addressed the repair of the vehicle and/or waited for the five or more hours it would take our city government to send a tow truck to help us. We were able to make it into a rest area and were relieved to find a State Trooper located there for security.

Not only did Trooper Nathaniel Gallon provide us security, he voluntarily changed the tire on our City vehicle. Upon installing the spare tire, it was apparent that the spare was low on air. Trooper Gallon then safely directed us to the semi-truck parking area where a helpful trucker was able to add air to the tire from his onboard equipment. I would like to commend Trooper Gallon for going beyond his "security" assignment to assist us. He was professional, courteous and jovial which helped to diffuse the inevitable stress of this type of a situation. Please alert his superiors of his outstanding service. And thanks again for maintaining security on our state roadways despite severe budget conditions.

Janice "Nan" Bennett
Asst. Director
City of Clearwater Public Utilities
Clearwater, FL


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