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Today, September 23, 2007, at about four in the afternoon, I was stopped on I-10 in Tallahassee Florida while hitchhiking. It wasn’t by choice. I had gotten into an argument with a woman and she and I parted ways, she in the car, and I on foot. I live in Quitman Georgia and was about forty miles from home. The Interstate is not the place for a human being to be on foot, and I was getting desperate. No one would stop for me and quite honestly, I was beginning to feel that first onset of fear.

Trooper Reed showed up with blue lights flashing. His professional demeanor put me at ease immediately. It would have been lunacy for him to presume that my story was true,( after all, how many people do get dumped out on the Interstate and left to walk), but he treated me with respect and listened very politely to what seems now, to be a very odd tale indeed.

I’ve never been in trouble with the law, but I cannot help but think that if all law enforcement officers took their jobs as seriously as Reed there would be far less crime. I have no idea what he was supposed to do in this case, but he gave me a ride to the next exit and requested that I not get back on the Interstate. I was able to contact a friend and get a ride back to Quitman within an hour or so.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Florida State Patrol and Trooper Reed for bailing me out of a most desperate situation. Hot, rain soaked and without any means of getting back home, it would have taken me at least another hour to walk to the next exit. For all Trooper Reed knew I was some drug addict or worse, yet he conducted himself with full professionalism.

The manner in which this man conducted himself is a credit to your department and law enforcement in general. Thank you for getting me to a safe place, off the interstate, and out of the rain.

Patrick Carmichael
Quitman Ga


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