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To Whom It May Concern,

I hope I am directing this letter to the correct location, but if not maybe you can provide me with the assistance to do so.

On December 11, 2006, I had been driving home from the Orlando area back to the Plantation at Leesburg, where I reside with my parents. For that last leg of the trip, I found myself extremely tired, and unconsciously began speeding to make it home without dosing.

Officer Rayner pulled me over just as I was about to go through the gate into the community. I of course was anxious, to say the least.

I have to tell you though, that Mr. Rayner has been the nicest and most respectable officer of the law I think I've ever come in contact with when I have been in violation of something. He did not treat me like a common criminal, nor like an ignorant young person - I was approached and spoken to as a fallible human being.

I hope this next part does not come as offensive to those who may read, but I need to make a comparison. My future brother-in-law and my stepfather both have what my mom calls the "cop mentality." Sadly, so do many officers and people in charge. It's that, "I know I'm right and you're wrong," or the "How did you NOT know that!" sort of actions and words. Yet, I did not see Officer Rayner projecting any of this negative energy off toward myself. It was very refreshing.

I am a future teacher her in Florida, and often I need to explain to children how the "police are really there to help." Yet, many of times, I've found myself pushing hard to get those words out. It is as if I really couldn't believe it after seeing the way many officers have dealt with others.

But, now, after having dealt with this state trooper, I can honestly say, I believe that there still are officers of the law out there to help us. It is not just about "protecting us from ourselves," and making us feel insignificant in the mix. Being a law official is a difficult, gruesome and often unappreciated profession. Thankfully though, there are still people out there like Officer Rayner who do not take out that misery on their citizens.

I want to conclude this letter by again stating that I really appreciate Officer Rayner and his respect not just for the law, but for me as an individual citizen as well. May he, and those like him continue to provide the outstanding service to our community that they work so hard to do!

Thank you,

Michelle DAttoma


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