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Regarding: Trooper DaWayne Maddux

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

I would like to compliment above mentioned Trooper, who did a great job on Tuesday (3-13-07). At about 9:30am, i was traveling on US 19 from my home in Citrus County to a place in Spring Hill, where i was scheduled to work that day. Right in the middle of nowhere, my Minivan decided to quit. The gasoline gauge showed enough gas in the tank, but i figured out i ran out of gas. I parked my car on the grass and started to walk to the next gas station. At that time, Trooper Maddux stopped and asked if he can help. I explained the situation, and without any question, he offered to drive me to the gas station. At the station (BP Camp-a-wile), he said he will wait for me and give me a ride back to my car. I purchased a gas can and filled it up, and Trooper Maddux drove me back to the car. I poured the gasoline in my tank, and the minivan started. Trooper Maddux made sure i was able to start the car and to drive to the next gas station.

I already thanked him in person for doing an outstandig job, but i also want you to know what a great person he is. In my job as a Loss Prevention Officer i work with Law Enforcement almost every day and i know, each and every officer or trooper is doing a great job. Trooper Maddux performed excellent that day! Again, thanks for helping me do get to my job in time, and a very big thanks to trooper DaWayne Maddux.


Walter Beeken


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