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I would like to take a minute to offer a letter of thanks and appreciation for the outstanding performance and assistance that Sergeant Maritza Gonzalez, Troop G, provided to an investigation I was conducting. It is a necessary and difficult function of law enforcement that we are required at times to police our own employees. I am sure you are aware that this is to insure that laws, policies, and procedures are being followed. This process helps to insure that the general public and citizens in our city (Jacksonville) and our state (Florida) are able to place their confidence and trust in their law enforcement officers.

I was recently involved in such an investigation involving one of our officers. Sergeant Gonzalez was the primary investigating officer in a traffic crash and D.U.I. arrest, involving our officer. I will say that the last several years of my twenty seven year career have been in the Internal Affairs arena. During that time I have had numerous opportunities to observe shoddy work and sometimes favoritism by officers for their own. My case involvement with Sergeant Gonzalez was quite different. She conducted a stellar investigation and by the thorough interviews she conducted and her reporting techniques the case to which I was assigned was successfully prosecuted. While this action is not pleasant, Sergeant Gonzalez’s professionalism and concise reporting played a direct part in this necessary function of any agency.

Often, only the negative aspects of law enforcement officers are brought to the attention of the administrations of our various agencies. I wanted to take a minute of your time to say that I appreciated the opportunity to work with Sergeant Gonzalez and if she is a reflection of your staff as a whole you are doing a wonderful job.

Detective T. D. Singletary

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

Internal Affairs Unit


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