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I am 77 years old and have been driving automobiles since my teens. I had never been the driver of a vehicle involved in an accident – until last Saturday, August 11. As I was driving home from church, I turned north from SR 52 on to Pasco CR 1 – and had driven some 200 feet when a car drove out of a supermarket driveway and crashed in to the rear right side of my 2005 Mercury automobile. The door and fender were badly damaged – and the right rear tire was shredded. I managed to steer the car off the road in to a business parking lot.

No question but it was unnerving experience. But I was fortunate to have FHP Trooper Dokendorf respond to the accident call. Once on site, Trooper Dokendorf took charge of the situation and performed his investigative and administrative duties is a professional, calm and timely manner.

Further, he was very considerate of me and the other driver involved. He made sure we were OK, and offered such assistance as was possible. For example, he called AAA to have their service come to the site and remove my damaged tire and replace it with the spare. He also allowed me to use his cell to call my husband to inform him of the situation – and that I was OK. Trooper Dokendorf also talked briefly to my husband to give further reassurance.

I would like to commend Trooper Dokendorf for his excellent handling of the situation. His professionalism, courtesy and consideration are very much appreciated. I request that you share this letter of commendation with his commanding officer.

Thank you…


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