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Dear FHP;

I would like to take this opportunity to give a heartfelt thanks to Trooper L. E. (Larry) Coggins Jr. Trooper Coggins was the responding officer to an mva on I-4 on 02/28/07, between exits 21 & 22. My wife Robyns' vehicle was severely damaged, but, thankfully, she emerged relatively unharmed. This Trooper acted well above and beyond the usual call of duty, informing me by phone of my wifes' condition, checking my eta to the scene, and remaining behind on the roadside for my arrival from Lakeland, after all other emergency personnel had departed the scene. His thoughtful and sincere attitude, along with his constant reassurance that she acted in the best possible way given the circumstances surrounding the accident helped Robyn remain calm and in control during this traumatic event. This alone deserves recognition, as not many officers or emergency personnel display this type of personal warmth and attitude in dealing with an accident victim. The fact that he remained behind and watched over my wife during the wait for my arrival to the scene speaks volumes of the professionalism and sense of duty that is instilled in all Florida Highway Patrol Officers. This, coupled with his phone calls to me updating the condition of my wife and clear instructions of where the accident scene was, helped to greatly smooth over a very traumatic time for us.

My wife, as well, has nothing but thanks for Trooper Coggins. She was amazed that he would remain on the busy I-4 roadside, patiently waiting while he could have been going off duty and heading home. His personal interaction with her at the scene and his concern for her injuries made her feel very secure during the ordeal. She is very thankful that the FHP has such good members in it's ranks.

Again, we wish to commend Trooper Coggins for his professionalism, his calming and reassuring attitude towards us, and his complete care and concern for all involved. And we also wish to commend the Florida Highway Patrol as a whole, for turning out such dedicated, fine troopers.

Thank You again.


Robyn Bartlett & Dean Bauch
(Mr. & Mrs. Dean Bauch)
Lakeland, Florida


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