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On September 11, 2007, my son, Jacob Myers, was in a collision that ended up involving a fatality. A dirt bike ran a red light and broadsided his car and the boy died. My son was horrified and thought he had done this. Trooper Campbell was on the scene of this accident. I spoke with Trooper Campbell via phone 2 days later and he was such a nice man over the phone. He needed to speak with my son and one of the other passengers in the car. We arranged for him to come to my house the next day. Needless to say, my boy was nervous and afraid, as well as guilt ridden. When Trooper Campbell arrived, he immediatly put us all at ease. What a wonderful man! He spent a very long time going over everything with the kids and showing them what happened. Trooper Campbell took both statements and even started a rivalry argument over their opposing high schools to make them more comfortable! It worked and they were soon bantering about which school was better and almost forgot why the Trooper was actually there. As Trooper Campbell got up to leave I said to my boy " see, it was not your fault." Trooper Campbell looked at my 17 year old son and said "son, have you been thinking this was your fault?" At this time Jake started to cry. Trooper Campbell sat right back down and showed my son the diagrams of the accident and told him in no uncertain terms that this was not his doing. Trooper Campbell took the extra time needed to help heal a young 17 year old boy. For this I am eternally grateful. I could tell him all day long it was not his fault, but I am his mom. It made such a difference to hear it from the "Law" and from such a warm and caring man. Not only did he tell him, he showed him on paper. Trooper Campbell took the time for my son and he should be recognized for that. He saw what needed to be done to help my boy and did it. He did not have to do it, but he did.

In my opinion, Trooper Campbell should get the trooper of the year award. He is a wonderful man and a fantastic Trooper and exemplifies everything that the Florida Highway Patrol should stand for. I thank God that he is the one who came to the scene of that accident and I wanted the Highway Patrol and him to know that he made a difference in one life. Thank you Trooper Campbell for making that difference.

Lisa Bennett


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