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Here is a story about two Officers which I find incredible!!

Recently (last Thursday) I had been in a LONG traffic jam on the E-W tollway in Orlando. As I finally got out of the traffic jam, I ran out of gas. I am disabled, so walking somewhere to find gas was not an option. I held a sign up behind my van (with my hazard lights on) which simply said "GAS" hoping that someone would help me. Well withing 10 mins. two troopers came from the opposite direction and turned around to help me. Now in about 35 yrs. of driving I have been stopped for very minor infractions( 6-7 times). NEVER have I been treated so courteous and professional by Major Cyrus Brown and trooper Brended Krakich !!. THE VERY FIRST THING THAY ASKED ME WAS: "ARE YOU OK?" In other words, they were concerned FIRST with my well being !! WOW !!!! I advised them I was disabled, on my way to the doctor, and had run out of gas. They were COMPLETELY professional in every manner towards me. They also advised of a program called "Road Ranger"...which helps motorists in distress. They called this organization for me..and waited with me for a considerable amount of time until they were sure the "RR" was on the way. "RR" came and provided me some gas to get to a station. The two troopers wished me well and AGAIN asked if there was anything they could do for me. Now let me say, my father was FBI, my Grandfather was Chief of police of Columbus, Ohio, my nephew is an MP in Iraq. So, I feel I know something about good police work. This was not just good police work...but GREAT police work. These fellas should do a public relations commercial for you folks!!! Now, in my opinion, I VERY STRONGLY URGE, that these two troppers be recognized for being so helpful to a disabled driver...for their courtesy and professionalism...and kindness. Please give them a comendation!!! Also, please let me now if you do (as, if possible, I would like to be present if you do award them a commendation). Look, they REALLY deserve it !!! Best Regards to the GREAT group of fine troopers I have in my state!! I am very fortunate to have my troopers watching-out for the well being of travelers.

Myles P. Corrigan
Apopka, Florida 32712


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