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To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Chuck and I would like to give you some feedback regarding a traffic stop that happen a few weeks ago. I know that feedback is always most effective when it happens soon after an incident so please forgive me for allowing so much time to pass.

My family and I moved here from Seattle in late January. Since we have been here my wife and I have commented many, many times on the horrible level of customer service we've received here. From restaurants to hotels to the local cable company is doesn't' seem to matter; businesses just don't seem to understand customer service. Imagine our surprise then when we received great customer service from a Trooper conducting a traffic stop!!

I was traveling northbound on US Highway 19 with my wife when Trooper J.S. Bregon (ID 1575) stopped my wife and I for speeding. My wife and I were headed to the beach to watch the sunset and get a much needed break from our 4 kids. I can't think of anything that could have ruined that moment more then getting pulled over. But it didn't. Trooper Bregon was polite, kind and courteous during the entire course of the traffic stop. In this case Trooper Bregon chose to issue a warning instead of a ticket. Given our speed when stopped and the speed limit he could have very easily given us a ticket. Now I assure you I would have written this email even if I was ticketed. We were that impressed with how we were treated.

If I would have gotten a ticket I would have sent a check in the mail and that would have been the end of it. Ticket paid, money spent..life goes on. And I'm sure I would continue to drive US 19 without paying too much attention to the speed limit.

But I got a warning instead. And as odd as this may sound I feel for me anyway, that it was much, much more effective. You see Trooper Bregon chose to show me some respect. And I appreciate that. So now when I travel US 19 I try to pay extra attention to my speed. Not because I'm afraid of a ticket but out of respect for a Trooper that respected me first.

Please pass on my appreciation to Trooper Bregon and I look forward to our paths crossing again under different circumstances.

Thank you,

Chuck V.


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