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I am writing to commend the kind and courteous lady officer that I had the pleasure of meeting on May 31,2007.

My wife was in an accident and she was at fault but she had no prior accidents or citations and Generally she is a good driver but this time she made an error and didn't see the vehicle approaching.

Yes she did get a citation but the officer was the most courteous person while doing her duty.

I know you don't have to be that kind but in this case it made all the difference in the world to my wife and I because we both were shook up over the accident and I wasn't in the car during the accident.

I was called later and went to get the groceries out of the car before they towed it off.

I was kind of at a loss here as we don't have these things happen to us every day and my wife was very Up set thinking that I would scold her for wrecking the car. I was really concerned about her and if she had been hurt.

When I got there they had taken my wife to the hospital and I had thought the worst. Officer C.D. AVANS-DELAHOZ was asking me for the registration and I had to think "where did my Wife keep this in her car". This lady Trooper was very patent with me and helped me to calm down. I could then think and engage my thoughts to the tasks at hand.

Later I went over to meet the other driver and he was also very kind. I expressed my awkward apologies to him and Trooper C.D.Avans-Delahoz had a little problem with her printer. I was calm by now and told her I could help as I had Computer experience and walked her through the steps that helped al little.

The experience of this meeting is exceptional and deserves recognition. This Officer was very professional and also the kind of officer that gives credit to the Florida Highway Patrol. Because of this officer showed friendship with respect to people and still efficient in her job made Officer C.D. Avans-Delahoz stand out as one of the finest I had ever had contact with.

Thank you for training such good people. It's great to live here in Florida you made my day. I sincerely hope this note is placed in her file. I will remember this officer as one of Florida's best.

Norman M. Bertrand


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