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Dear Governor Bush,

While I know you’d never remember me amongst the thousands of Florida folks you’ve met over the years you’ve been in office, however, I’m a former Deputy Mayor, and Councilman from St Cloud, having been able to serve the people of our city for three consecutive terms until medical complications prohibited me from continuing.

I’m sure, over the years of your office, many people have written you a fair share of complaints towards State employees. My note is NOT a complaint.

I am writing about two (2) Highway Patrol Troopers, who, in my opinion, went way above the normal call of duty. It involved me, who was involved in a one vehicle accident on I-4 in the Tampa area. I was on my way to a medical appointment at the Veteran’s Administration when I experienced the accident, damaging my vehicle to the extent that it needed towing so as not to block the highway. The two Troopers, TPR Wilder and TPR May, were both patient and kind with me, assuring that I was physically okay, as well as showing their concern to contact anyone I needed. I had advised them of my appointment at the VA and, both were aware how difficult it can be, at times, if you miss an appointment in rescheduling. My appointment was for follow up to recent surgery. Both Troopers showed their caring by arranging for the towing company to do their very best in trying to have my vehicle road ready by the end of my appointment at the VA. Also, I was transported to the VA, and then escorted by Trooper Wilder to my appointment area to make sure my appointment was kept, as well as making sure I arrived intact!

During the time on I-4, both Troopers displayed their sincerest feelings of care, and professionalism towards me, and others around the accident. I’m very grateful to know that there are Troopers such as Troopers May and Wilder, who are not afraid to show their caring feelings, get the job done professionally, and then travel way beyond the normal call of duty by getting me to the VA and making sure I was okay.

Before I become too redundant, I will finally say to you, Governor Bush, thank you for having Troopers May and Wilder, and hopefully more like them, on the job and taking care of us Florida residents. It is comforting knowing they are out there.


Mark A Rosenbauer
St. Cloud, Florida 34772


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