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I just wanted to extend my thanks and gratitude to State Trooper Valesquez for his kindness and the assistance he provided me on Monday morning October 9th. I was on my way to Jacksonville International Airport to leave for a business trip. It was approximately 7am in the morning and I was traveling northbound on State Road 9A when my right rear tire blew out. I managed to pull the car over near the Alta Road exit. I was scared and upset as I had nearly lost control of the car. Not to mention, I had just phoned my husband who instructed me to call AAA. I was in the process of being placed on hold by AAA when Trooper Valesquez pulled up behind me. I was more than a little upset initially when he got on his speaker and was instructing me to move the car up (off the little bridge) and over more to the side of the road, but I did as he said.

When I got back out of the car to speak to him I just starting crying. He was very caring and explained to me he was just trying to keep me from getting hit. He gave me a hug and made sure I was okay. Then, when he found out where I was going, he proceeded to change my tire for me. As fate would have it, my husband had thought better of his previous instruction to me and decided to come help me. By the time he arrived, Trooper Valesquez had done everything but tighten the lug nuts, a job he happily let my husband complete upon his arrival.

All this to say that Trooper Valesquez is a tremendous credit to your department. I do not know what I would've done without his assistance. He was pleasant, caring and professional. And, I made my flight that morning. People don't say thank you often enough and I just wanted to let you know how grateful I was for his help. It is nice to know that there is someone like him out on the roads watching out for us and lending a helping hand when needed (especially since a JSO car drove right by me prior to his arrival).

Again, many thanks!!

Patti Monroe
St. Augustine, FL


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