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About 3:30 PM, Wednesday, March 22, 2006, I was delivering parts in a company truck when I broke down about 1.5 miles east of Springhill Rd. on 267. I had no phone so I turned on the flashers, lifted the hood, and waited. A State Trooper in an unmarked car (a black Crown Vic) was passing in the other direction, turned around, and stopped. I explained my situation and he called my boss who said he would send a wrecker. I didn't get the Trooper's name, but he was wearing an issue polo shirt. He went on his way and I was sure the wrecker would arrive shortly. About 4:30 (no wrecker) I hiked to a nearby house and they were nice enough to let me use their phone. A fellow employee insured me the wrecker was 'on the way'.

Five o'clock rolled around and another State Trooper passed in the opposite direction. Moments later I heard a car behind me. He had turned around and also stopped to help. I told him my dilemma and he said he see if could find out about the wrecker. He got on his radio and the wrecker was on the way. He hung with me and we discussed the Patol's fleet of Camaros, (those are good looking cars, think I'll bid on one when they come up for sale), while we waited for the wrecker. The wrecker arrived shortly and all ended well. It seems the boss thought the another employee called the wrecker, he thought the boss called the wrecker, neither one did. They both looked pretty sheepish the next day, but I was cool, (and I was on the clock). I didn't get the second Trooper's name either, and didn't have a chance to thank him. You probably get a lot of complaints from folks that don't understand why they're not allowed to drive like maniacs so I thought you'd like some good news.

Anyway, I'm sure happy those two Troopers came along.

Thanks guys.
Sid Tetens


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