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To whom it may concern,

On Sunday afternoon, 6/11/06, a woman rang the doorbell at my house and stated to my wife that she ran over our bike. I looked at where she had parked her truck near our driveway and saw our mailbox was hit. At first glance the woman appeared intoxicated by the way she acted and looked. I decided to call 911. The dispatcher notified FHP. The woman walked back to her truck and we talked to her trying to keep her at the scene and not drive off to cause further harm. As a fireman and first responder with the Dorcas Fire Department, I noticed she may have had a medical problem and not necessarily under the influence of alcohol. I asked her some questions and ascertained that there was a medical emergency. I immediately notified Okaloosa Fire Dispatch of the situation and requested EMS and the fire dept. to respond. Within minutes emergency vehicles filled the street including the Okaloosa Sheriffs Dept. and Trooper Tiller. He assessed the situation and found that the "suspect" had initially hit my mailbox and drove on to hit another mailbox further down the street. She turned around and came back to my house to report to us that she "ran over our bike". I later learned the lady did indeed have some medical problems and she spent the night in the hospital under observation. Trooper Tiller was professional and understanding given the situation my family was emotionally put through; mad at first knowing our mailbox was hit, then to concern for the woman's well being. He thoroughly investigated the scene in the afternoon heat (mid 90's) without complaining. He carefully explained what we needed to do to rectify the situation. In short, my wife and I appreciated the professionalism and friendliness Trooper Tiller showed us that afternoon!

Ernie and Debi Waldin

Crestview, FL


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