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I wanted to write a note of sincere appreciation during a very stressful time on December 28th 2005.

Trooper Brandon McElderry handled the accident my husband was involved in, so calmly that it definitely soothed my frayed nerves.

I arrived long after the accident had occurred and found my husband injured and very worried and confused and frankly not able to communicate what happened to me accurately. Trooper McElderry explained the scene as he understood it, walked me through what I needed to do in order to secure my wrecked car, and even loaned me a flashlight to help me get our belongings out of the car. He updated me as much as he could on the man who was injured in the other vehicle and set my mind at ease. What struck me the most was how polite and friendly he was in the midst of my obvious stress. He even offered to call my husband an ambulance since I was so worried about his injury.

I listen to scanners for a living and watch the police dispatch screens and see the amount of work that troopers have to do on a daily basis. Trooper McElderry was patient and kind and while that may not sound heroic, from my standpoint I don't think I could have handled a frenzied and curt officer.

Thankfully our accident was not one where there was intense injury or flaring emotions... but it was the first time that me or my husband had been involved with something so serious. I know it was probably one of the many ordinary accidents that Trooper McElderry handles in an evening, but from our perspective, it was anything but ordinary kindness.

Thank you


Kimberly J. Smith Lakeland, Fl


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