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Dear Sir,

My wife Paula and I wanted to make sure that we passed on to you our deepest appreciation for one of your members; Trooper Leon Gill.

We were headed home yesterday (Labor Day 2006) when we had a flat tire somewhere between Cross City and Perry Florida. This may seem routine but it was anything but. We ended up on the shoulder in the high grass on soft ground and, it was in the heat of the day. Trooper Leon Gill arrived shortly after we pulled over and immediately became involved in helping us. This "involvement" included Trooper Gill Getting under the SUV, in the dirt and grass, digging into the earth as well as assessing, recommending courses of action and providing a tool to overcome the inherent difficulties of the situation. A seemingly impossible tire changing became not only doable but completely safe; though difficult back breaking labor.

I am a retired U.S. Naval Officer with 22 years service, I know "Above and Beyond the Call" when I see it, I recognize it instantly. Trooper Gill soiled his uniform, ended up soaking wet and dirty from his labor. He did it unhesitatingly, with joy and good humor. He is a true testament to the pride and professionalism of your organization. He personalized the FHP mission of "Courtesy, Service, and Protection".

May God Bless and keep him and all members of your organization. Please recognize him appropriately on our behalf. Thank you.


Greg and Paula DaCosta


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