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I would like to congratulate your force on an exceptional job. On the night of Saturday, March 11, at approximately 8:20 PM, I was driving southbound on I-95, following a friend as we both headed to Orlando, Florida, for a week of vacation from school at Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio. We had a run in with a white Chevy Silverado, which was operated by an extremely aggressive, extremely dangerous driver who attempted to run my friend off the road after tailgating him, at speeds of around 75 to 80 miles an hour, appearing to be less than a foot from the rear bumper of my friend's vehicle with high beam headlights engaged. We got his tags, and both my friend and I called in the situation to 911, which then transferred the problem to your department, and got the word out over your radios. Less than 5 minutes passed when we saw the blue lights ahead of us, and the white truck successfully pulled over and apprehended.

This driver was endangering not only the life of my friend and myself (as well as the passengers in our vehicles), but everyone sharing the road with us that night. The quick, decisive, and skilled actions of the Florida State Highway Patrol in getting this driver off the road protected our lives, as well as the lives of the drivers around us.

It appeared this driver could have been under the influence of illegal substances, and if not, clearly under the influence of road rage for no reasons affected by my driving, nor my friend's, nor, as far as I could tell, drivers sharing the road with us in our immediate area. It is extremely reassuring to know that there is an effective, trained, force such as yours, available and always ready, to protect drivers on today's increasingly dangerous roads. I would like to extend my utmost and sincere gratitude to the 911 operators, and especially to the Troopers and Officers of the Florida State Highway Patrol.


Kieron M. Dey


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