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Please apologize to State Trooper, Brandon Clark, for the delay in submitting this letter. In addition to life threatening commitments, I was unable to find the appropriate address on your web site but chalk that up to my computer illiteracy.

More importantly, I wanted to make his superiors aware of my great fortune to meet this professional employee while I was stranded on the Florida Turnpike, May 10th. Trooper Clark not only placed his vehicle behind mine to protect me, called for road service, but much to my delightful surprise, he stayed with me the entire time until the road service arrived.

As cool and resourceful as I thought I was, I cannot express the relief I felt especially in this day and age. Sad, but true, as all of you wonderful, courageous people can understand.

Mere words cannot adequately express my appreciation. Ironically, I had recently sent a donation to the FHP, which I do as often as I can afford on a fixed income, but now sending another one in his honor.

I should mention that the road service gentleman (not sure if you employ his company) ) was also courteous, helpful and reassuring knowing I would be driving on a spare tire. An experience in hell on earth (my tire was ripped to shreds) resulted in a blessing. Realize how lucky I am to be alive

Please share my accolades and appreciation with State Trooper, Brandon Clark. I know you are all appreciated by many but often taken for granted. After 37 years in Customer Service with Eastern Air Lines, I also know that the majority of people do not take the time to write letters of commendation.

Thank you ALL so much for sacrificing your lives to keep us safe and protected.

Sincerely, Pat Finn


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