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My daughter Jessica, was travelling from Gulfport, MS back to Jacksonville this afternoon on I10. Near exit 192/mm189, around 1530 EDT, her car began to shake violently, scaring the wits out of her. She was able to get the car safely over to the emergency lane and away from traffic. Being at work at Eglin AFB near Ft Walton Beach, there wasn't much I could do for her, but she called daddy anyway in tears, scared to death. When she finally was able to get out of the car, she couldn't tell what was wrong right off, but she knew something was wrong with the tire or wheel that wouldn't allow her to continue driving. We were able to get USAA to get a wrecker on the way, but it was going to take close to two hours to get to her. While she was waiting, still shaken and now worried about being stuck on the side of the Interstate, one of our Troopers pulled up to check on her. He reassured her all would be fine and that he would be in the area until the wrecker got to her position. (And he did - she said that she watched him go by several times and get a few speeders along the way!). Surprisingly, the wrecker appeared about 20 minutes later, and only after they were on their way to the tire shop did she learn that the Trooper called the driver and told him to move it out there and recover her vehicle. Maybe, maybe not - but I am absolutely indebted and most grateful to the Trooper for his diligence and watchful eye on my daughter and every other dad's daughter travelling out there. Please pass on to the Troop H Commander my sincerest appreciation and I hope he will be able to single out the Trooper and pass on a well deserved, though probably not as often offered, "Well Done"

Very Respectfully,
John R. Symons


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