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Colonel Christopher A. Knight,

Sir, I want to commend one of your Troopers for his professionalism yesterday, August 17, 2005. Trooper Allen Sapp was dispatch to an accident yesterday late afternoon, which my son was involved. This was a single car accident with no injuries, except a bruised ego.

On or about 5:30pm. I was contacted by my wife. She informed me that our son was involved in a single car accident which resulted in my son's truck rolling onto to its side. Well, you can imagine the emotions that I was going through for the next five minutes until my arrival. As I arrived, I felt a great sigh of relief to see that my son was walking around without any scratches; which I attribute this to him wearing his seatbelt. I then went with him to the scene (truck was moved out of traffic) to discuss how this may have happen and how we can learn from this incident. Well, a sixteen year old boy does not feel he did any wrong.

Now here comes Trooper Sapp. He first introduced himself in a professional manner to my son and me. As he asked my son to retrieve all the necessary documents, I ask Trooper Sapp to take him in the front seat and do what I try to do to my son in the above paragraph. He graciously did as was requested. I am not exactly sure what he might have said, but I think it may have set in. All in all, the additional time he spent with my son explaining the nature of driving in inclement weather is greatly appreciated. Please know individuals like Trooper Sapp have a great influence on children. You and the rest of the FHP community should be proud.

Matthew J. Mitchell
Process Quality Manager,


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