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April 3, 2005

To Supervisor of Officers Patrol,

I am writing this letter to acknowledge the outstanding service of Officer Rosko of the FHP.

Officer Rosko was assigned duty at the intersection of Walton Road & Indian River Drive. I was so impressed by his caring of the residents on this road. His actions must be commended. His assertiveness of actually getting out of his patrol car & turning non-resident around has to commended.

You are aware Indian River Drive is closed. Except for local traffic. The problem is with the selfish & inconsiderate drivers who still want to use this road. Some problems that plague this road are to be expected. My problem with these motorists is the excessive speeds, overweight trucks, road rage and my favorite beer bottle tossing. (Some residents are the worst violators of speeding) Sometime traffic gets to pre hurricane levels.

I have lived in Florida my whole live. In the early days we were taught about safe drive. Being a friendly driver. Being a courteous drive. Most of all "Arrive Alive". Those days are gone. Which puts a larger burden on the police & FHP. I am sure you have experience this and more dealing with the public.

So with this said, please understand my admiration of Officer Rosko have the ability & foresight to control the traffic, even if it was for a very short time. My neighbors and I appreciate this action.

Respectfully yours,

Frank DeAngelis

Jensen Beach, Florida 34957


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