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Good afternoon.

I'd like to commend Trooper Frank Mazelin of the FHP Auxiliary for his assistance yesterday afternoon in Oviedo.

This incident occurred around 5:30pm on Mon, 10/3/05. I was working my way home (in Oviedo) from the office (located in Ocoee) via the 408 - and caught in a heavier-than-usual traffic jam. It was at this point that my wife and daughter called to inform me that their car had a flat tire.

Fortunately, she was near our home, maybe a mile or so away, on Chapman Rd. She was able to pull off onto a side street. She and I were communicating via cell phone, while she began pulling out the spare, etc.

By the time I reached the site, my daughter informed me that a policeman was helping them. Trooper Mazelin was just finishing up mounting the spare. Apparently, he lives only a house or two away from where my wife had stopped the car. We noticed that the spare was quite low, so he was kind enough to grab a compressed air tank in his garage and top it off.

This whole incident was certainly not a major ordeal, but I truly appreciate his assistance and good humor in helping my wife with the flat. Though I was making every best effort to get there in a timely fashion, it was more than a little frustrating to have your wife and daughter stuck on the side of the road, while you're stuck in traffic! So it was a nice surprise to finally get there and find an officer helping her out.

Again, to Trooper Mazelin - thanks very much for your help, and the good-natured manner in which you offered it. It was a pleasure "meeting you" and I know you impressed my 7-year-old, who announced to me, "Daddy, a POLICEMAN is here to help us!" She thought it was pretty neat little adventure!

Thanks again, and to all FHP and Auxiliary -

Mike Hinkle
Oviedo, FL


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