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I have to thank Trooper Madely #1585 of Hillsborough County Florida.

On our way home from a pleasant week on AnnaMaria Island my family and I were headed back home to Orlando. While on I-75 going north my SUV had a blow out. Fortunately no one was hurt and we were able to pull over to the side. I call for road side assistance, since it was a free service offered by the company who I purchased the car from. Next call was to the FHP. We were on the side of the road but not in a safe area. Fortunately my husband was able to back the car up until the car was in a safer place. We unloaded the SUV only to find no jack or tire iron. Although we had a full size spare, it was of no use to us. After several calls from the towing service we were now given an estimate time of help, 1 hr away. Then arrives Trooper Madley. He offered his assistance. When we told him what happened and we had no jack or tire iron. Since the tow truck was not going to help us any time soon, Officer Madley offered his assistance. To make a long story short the tow truck couldn't find us, so there was a longer delay. In the meantime with very little assistance from my husband and son, Trooper Madley changed the tire! It was 97 degrees and sunny. We had some cold water bottles in our cooler for him to drink, and hand sanitizer so he could wash off his hands. He followed us for a few minutes on I-75, just to make sure we were okay. After we were on the road we got a call from the towing company saying they would be there soon, "two hours too late, we are back on the road thanks to a dedicated FHP officer". God Bless him for his dedication and compassion. We need more people like him in this world.

Thank You
The Inzirillo Family
Orlando, Florida


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