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Dear Col. Knight

I am a 65 year old, retired USAF officer and have encountered many police officers both here and abroad during my more than 50 years of driving. On this Sunday morning I had just dropped my wife off at Fort Lauderdale Airport and was deep in thought. Traffic was moving at a good clip when I was approaching the South Miami Bird Road tollbooths when I noticed a white ford pickup pushing me.

I decided to go on through without causing a braking problem for my tailgater and thus I did exceed the limit through the booth. Our Yorkshire terrier was in her bed in the passenger seat. None of the preceding is being offered as an excuse for breaking the law.

I was pulled over by Corporal V. Luquis (2078/1288 troop K). Given a warning for the violation and jokingly reminded that my dog was not wearing a seat belt.

I have to report that Corporal Luquis was more professional and courteous than any police official I have ever dealt with. His demeanor was beyond reproach; his uniform and himself were immaculate. He was brief to the point and right back to work.

Additionally, his decision to "warn" rather than "cite" has definitely made a greater impression on me. I promised him I would not speed through booths again and fully intend to keep that pledge!

I commend you and him for having this quality officer work for us.

Please ensure he and his supervisor gets my simple effort of appreciation.

Billy S. Poulos


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