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My name is Jelene Dressler and I live in Palm City, Florida. I would very much like this letter forwarded to whoever is in command of Troop L.

Last night I was traveling down SR 714 in Martin County, Florida and not paying much attention to my driving as I had forgotten something at the store and had to turn back around to get it. I was following a tractor-trailer and apparently was going over the limit. I was pulled over by Officer G. Koblitz (I think), badge # 1217/815.

It's never a good day when you are pulled over, but in this case it was. Officer Koblitz was professional, courteous with me, explained why he stopped me and asked for my documentation.

He told me that I had been exceeding the speed limit and then returned to his patrol car to write me the ticket.

I was most surprised when he returned with a warning instead. I readily admitted to not paying much attention to my driving as I was a bit frustrated in having to return to the store, still, this is no excuse for speeding, I know.

I would like to say THANK YOU for giving this law-abiding citizen a break. It is nice to know that there are wonderful troopers out there who are professional, yet human. I just did a ride-along with the Stuart Police Department last week and got to see first hand what all of you put up with out there on the streets. I was shocked and amazed by what I witnessed. I also have a newfound respect for law enforcement everywhere because of that day.

I would very much like to thank Officer Koblitz for being kind to me and also to let him know that I promise to watch more closely my speed. Thank you so much.

With My Deepest Respect,

Jelene D. Dressler


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