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On Tuesday, I was taking the Veteran's to work - as always. I noticed a highway patrolman behind me. I don't change lanes very much, so it never occurred to me that he was following me. Just after the Hillsborough exit, he flashed his lights and pointed for me to pull over. I don't have much experience with police officers, so I was very nervous. I was fumbling for my driver's license when he tapped on the window. I rolled down the window to give him my license. He looked at my hand and had a perplexed look on his face. That was when I noticed I was handing him my credit card. I quickly replaced it with my license. He explained to me that I had an expired tag - almost a year ago! I could hardly speak. I grabbed my cell phone and called my husband. When he answered I said, "Honey, there is a highway patrolman here with something to tell you." I handed Sgt. Johnson the phone. He hesitated for a moment then explained the situation to my husband. Then he went back to his car. In the minute or so that followed, I fought off the tears and kept telling myself that I wouldn't go to jail or anything for having an expired tag. When he came back, he told me how to fix the situation and reassured me that it wouldn't make my insurance go up or anything like that. I apologized for being so nervous and giving him my credit card by mistake. He asked if I was okay (obviously, he could see how nervous I was). He told me to wait a minute so that he could stop the traffic for me to get back on the road. And then he did....he stood in the middle of the Veteran's Expressway during rush hour so that I could get out without any problems.

I'm sure you don't get many emails complimenting your officers - especially by people that got a ticket. Sgt. Johnson was so nice and understanding. If I ever have to get pulled over again, I certainly hope it's by him....but I really hope it doesn't happen again! :)

Have a great weekend!
Elizabeth Martin


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