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I am writing to express my appreciation on behalf of 3M for the cooperation and assistance of the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) during the license plate field survey which I conducted in Florida during the week of June 6, 2005. Prior to the survey you were kind enough to arrange for my visit, and provide me with a contact, at each of the FHP locations I wanted to include in the survey. Thanks to your efforts and those of the FHP personnel at each site, the field survey went very smoothly. At every FHP location I visited, I was expected, and each FHP person I met, including support staff, troopers, and officers, clearly made the effort to help make my visit successful. In case my primary contact was unavailable, an alternate was expecting me. I'd like to thank particularly the FHP contacts who facilitated my visit at each location:

Lt. Mark Boatright , Lake City
Lt. Fincher, Gainesville
Capt. Jeff Succi, Ocala
Sgt. David Powell, Tampa
Lt. George Alec and Sgt. Parks, Bradenton
Capt. Eddie Johnson, Ft. Myers
Capt. Sammie Thomas, Miami

The survey was successful, with the evaluation of 3M license plates on 176 FHP vehicles, and will provide useful information to support and improve the 3M Digital License Plate product. Again, thanks on behalf of 3M for your assistance and that of the FHP on the continuing field test, and on the recent field survey.


Bruce Orensteen
Traffic Safety Systems Division Laboratory


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