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I just logged on to the FHP site to see about Sgt. Brown. I remember seeing the display erected last year by troopers at the Nat'l Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, and how some of the troopers there spoke of "Andy." It moved me to include him in the invocation at the Candlelight Vigil, even though I had not ever met him. I vowed to learn more of his story, but never got to do so, although I often prayed for him, his own family, and his Trooper family. As Police Week approaches this year, and his name is engraved on the wall, I thought of him again. I figured it must be about a year since the accident, and here it was 1 year to the day. The first anniversary is always a special time of remembrance for family, friends, and colleagues. Sometimes it's a time of healing, sometimes it's only now that the loss really starts to be felt. Please know that neither Sgt. Brown nor yourselves are forgotten. Finally reading the e-tributes and some of the news stories today has given me the sense that his loss was a great one for so many. It also brings home the meaning of the quote at the Memorial, "It is not how these men died that made them heroes, but how they lived." First Anniversary blessings to Sgt. Brown's family. And may the Lord watch over you all at the Florida Highway Patrol.

In His service and yours,
Rev Paul Clifford
Chaplain, Mass. Police Assn.


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