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Major Trammell, I hope I am contacting to the correct person, it is my understanding Trooper Bell reports to you. A few weeks back my wife had a flat tire with her rental car half way between Jacksonville and Tallahassee. You probably know the area, it's desolate up there to say the least. We live in the southern end of St Johns County so probably a good 3 hours from where she was at.

When my wife first had the problem around 6:00 pm she phoned Budget Rent a Car who spent the next hour basically doing nothing as she was almost in the middle and over an hour away of their closest locations. She tried to reach me and I was up on the roof doing some repair work. By the time I heard about what was happening it was around 7:00 pm. As any good husband would be I was concerned about her safety on the side of the road being a woman by herself. I phoned Budget myself and went round and round for about another hour and they still basically were doing nothing. They recommended we call the FHP for assistance in finding a local tow truck.

At that point I was ready to get in my vehicle and travel to where my wife was as quick as I could. I couldn't leave her on the side of the road any longer. It would have taken me 3 or 4 hours to get there at a safe speed. I called the FHP and explained the situation. Trooper Bell was dispatched from another County and apparently had to drive quite a ways to get there. Since darkness was setting in and she had been stuck there so long he changed the tire for her explaining that was not normally what the FHP did.

Man to man I really appreciate you guys being there to take care of my family member when I could not be. Knowing a Trooper was there to protect my family member from danger was a good feeling. Then Trooper Bell going above and beyond his duties to change the tire and help her get safely on her way is just outstanding. I surely do appreciate the good work all of you do and this Trooper helping us out in this situation.

If it is possible I would like to send a gift card to a restaurant to Trooper Bell to express our appreciation. I'm sure you have a dozen guidelines on that sort of thing but I really would like to send something if I can. Please let me know the address to your station and what you will allow me to do.

Thank you, Mike Perry

Mike and Linda Perry
St Augustine, FL 32080


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