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To Whom It May Concern;

I would like to compliment Sgt. Archambault (I.D. 1184/0333). Last Wednesday, my 16 year old son was in a "fender bender" in New Port Richey in the Mitchell High School area. My son called me to advise me of the accident and I went to the scene. When I got there Sgt. Archambault was taking care of the situation. What I saw was a very considerate, kind and patient man. Of course I realize that this is the behavior that a police office should have, but I think that this office was just a bit above the rest. He never spoke harsh to my son, he explained the situation and talked to him like an adult but not condesending. I was just really impressed by his compassion and the obvious desire to do his job the best way possible.

I will tell you that my son got a ticket, he WAS at fault and needed a wake up call. What I really wanted to impress to you is that even though my son was in the wrong, we both were happy to deal with someone who seemed to understand teens. I will also tell you that my son is an honors student at Mitchell High, he is enrolled in the ROTC program and is an officer in that program!!! He wants to go to West Point and then work in Law enforcement!! This was a nice positive situation for him to see the "other side of the fence" and how police officers are NOT the bad guy!!

Thank you Sgt. Archambault for taking the time to do your job in such a positive was.


Rose Huss


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