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I do not know the troopers name but he was on duty Saterday night early Sunday morning September 10th in the Sebastian Florida RT 95 area. He was so helpful and nice that we would like to thank him with a letter of recognition. My Son saw a stranded person stuck way down in the median who had appparently had a tire blow out and his truck ended up buried in the mud. My son and his family made an attempt to pull him out and got stuck along with this poor young person. The young man had been down there for hours without any one stiopping to help him. As my son and his family had just driven us home to Sebastian from Coral Springs post hurricaine we were all tired but when they called we came to offer help but despite all we could offer it seemed hopeless that we could get them out.. All towing resources were under a curfew due to the hurricaine.

The trooper came along with his great sense of humor and understanding and offered assistance. He even gave my son's little children a pack of M&Ms and questioned if they needed food. Due to the "Frances curfew" we were unable to get any tow trucks to come to our aid so he "ordered" one to come. He stayed until he was sure that we had a tow truck on the way.

Fortunatly with all of us pushing and my son's determination he was able to get his own truck out on his own and offered the young man a ride back to West Palm. When you are out in the dark with a young family and really stuck and in a life threatening mess it it so reassuring when a such a helpful, friendly , caring FHP trooper comes to your assiatance. Please thank him again from the Towsley family

Thank You
Anne Towsley


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