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I am ashamed it took me this long to write but I have held onto his business card ever since the night he helped me. It was on 7/3/03 and I was eagerly on my way to a new life in Fort Pierce. I had a new love there and a job transfer.

As I towed my travel trailer that would be temporary home until I could get established, something went very wrong and the next thing I knew I was rolling down State Road 72. Fortunately I landed in the ditch on the side of the road and walked away from the accident.

My mind immediately went into a panic as it was 4:30pm the night before a major holiday weekend and I had no belongings and no vehicle to get me on my way.

Your kind trooper took me under his wing and assisted me by making calls to people he knew in the community that assured that the rental car manager in Arcadia would wait for me to arrive long after his scheduled time to go home for his own holiday weekend.

Then after driving me to the car rental company to get their last vehicle, he waited with me for the tow truck to arrive at the Ford Dealer with my crushed and wet travel trailer. Then he stood next to me in the dark with his flashlight as I retrieved a few clothes and treasured belongings.

His kindness meant that I would not have to call on a friend many miles away to drive hours to rescue me. It meant that I was able to retrieve some personal items for the weekend. It meant that I was safe after a very dangerous accident that could have killed me. He was more than a public servant to me that night but became my friend and guardian angel.

Please thank him for me. He went above and beyond the call of duty and I wont ever forget it.

Nina Ashton


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