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This note is overdue, but sent with sincere thanks and appreciation.

It involves Police Report #FHP D040FF061768..... crash report #01615377

On the night of June 24, approximately 11:00 pm, my daughter ran over a shopping cart outside of her work in Orlando. I live in Sebring, 80 miles away, and when I received her desperate call I was helpless....other than to have her call FHP. I am sure that a lot of "funnies" were made to the trooper who got stuck handling a car hitting a shopping cart!

Trooper Luis Orozco, badge #1447-2516, came to the scene to assist my daughter. I don't think anyone would have believed how much damage that cart caused to the vehicle ($3,800 was the bill). Trooper Orozco settled my daughter down, got the information he needed, and then personally escorted my daughter into the Wal-Mart store to inform the manager of their liability and to help my daughter.

Let me tell you, that was all it took!

Wal-Mart was tremendously helpful, took full responsibility, and paid for everything. If Trooper Orozco was not caring enough to do what he did, too much time would have gone by in me getting up there to deal with the situation. Plus, I am not sure I would have even thought of going to Wal-Mart.

Given all the situations your Troopers are involved in, this is extremely minor, I know. You need to understand, however, when a parent receives a distress call from their 20 year old college daughter who is 80 miles away, it is worrisome and troublesome. Thank God that Trooper Orozco took the responsibility that he did and didn't look at this as a pain in the butt hassle at 11pm.

My sincere thanks and appreciation to Trooper Orozco for assisting us, and I would be more than willing to express my thanks via phone if he could contact me.

Most Sincerely,

Joseph T. DeCerbo
Sebring, Florida 33876


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