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I was on my way to Key West on Tuesday Feb 3rd and met officer Mims at the rest area just South of Jacksonville on I-95. My mother had just passed away 3 weeks before and I guess this was a mind clearing ride for me. I was riding my Kawasaki Voyager motorcycle. Stopping at the rest area to remove some clothing, it was 34 degrees that morning when I left Atlanta Ga., officer Mims came over to the bike and ask about my touring bike, where I was from, where I was going, ect.. After telling him of the reason for the ride he expressed his condolences and we had a very good discussion of motorcycles and traffic in the area in general. He was very helpful with information on the area and what to expect with the volume of traffic at that time of day. He probably didn't know how much that little time of conversation helped me. I made the ride on to Key West the following Thursday stopping at Homestead Wednesday night. I have a son that is one week away from being a sworn officer for! Gwinnett County here in Georgia so I know there is no way I can personally contact Officer Mims due to the nature of his work. If it is possible could and would you please express to him my thanks for the time he spent with me at the rest area that day and tell him it really did help me more than he knew at that time. I would like to send him a picture I took during this stop. If he would like I can send it to him by email or you can reply with his request and I will send it to this address. Thanks FHP and thanks Officer Mims for helping a 60 year old "biker" while on a ride in your lovely state. Made it back home safe the following Saturday night. Was 32 degrees with a 20-30 mph wind blowing and spitting snow when I got back home. May God bless each of you on the FHP and protect you on the roads.

Fred Choate


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