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On Saturday morning, June 19 my family and I were traveling north on I-75 from Ocala to Gainesville. Approximately 3 miles south of the old exit 72 I started hearing a knocking sound from under my car. The sound stopped when I slowed to approximately 40 mph, so I moved to the right parking lane and turned on my emergency flashers. I was hoping we were close to an exit so I could at least get off I-75. After driving about 2 miles I saw a FHP car with blue lights on sitting behind an SUV. I slowed to about 25 mph to make sure the patrolman saw me. When he stepped out of his car he signaled to give him a minute. I stopped several yards behind his car so he would know I was not a threat. When he finished with the motorist he came back to my car and asked how he could help me. I told him my problem and just wanted to get off I-75. He walked around my car checking the tires and said there was an exit a short distance up the road and a BP station with a mechanic. He told me to drive slowly in the parking lane and he would follow in a few minutes. By the time I got to the next exit (old exit 72 south of Gainesville) he had caught up with me and followed me to the BP station.

The name on his badge was Miller. I am writing to say "thank you" patrolman Miller. Patrolman Miller was extremely professional, courteous and gave my family a sense of relief in a stressful situation. In 10 minutes the mechanic found the problem, repaired it and we were on our way again. We are indeed fortunate to have someone the calibre of Patrolman Miller with the FHP. I know I'll feel better driving on I-75 knowing that Patrolman Miller might be on duty.

Please forward this to Patrolman Miller's superiors so they will know the fine job he is doing and can express my personal thanks to him.

Randy Taylor
Ocala, FL


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